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Culture provides distinctive essays on popular culture (TV shows, movies, music, books), broader media commentary, and issues of importance to women.

Cultural Commentary: 
Thoughtful personal reflections and op-eds, either with newsy hooks or timeless insight. 1000-1300 words.
Pop Culture Content: Articles that draw a cultural comment drawing from a current TV show, film, book, or song/album. 1000-1300 words.
Newsy Commentary: Commentary on one of the topics below within 12 hours of breaking / trending news on the topic. (500-750 words)
Contributions to our Weekly "While You Were Out" Roundup: Short notes on news of the week in 100-300 words. To be considered for publication each Friday, these must be submitted by Wednesday midday / Thursday morning at the latest. 

Topic areas that are of perennial interest to us:
  • ENTERTAINMENT / ARTS: Books, Music, TV & Film
  • WOMEN IN THE WORKPLACE: reporting, roundups, profiles (pitch before writing)
  • SEXUAL / REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH: reporting and/or personal reflection on topics including fertility, hookup culture, sexual assault, infidelity 
  • MOTHERHOOD / personal reflections, commentary
  • MENTAL HEALTH / reporting and/or personal reflections
  • TIME AND BANDWIDTH MANAGEMENT / Work-Life Balance / reporting, personal reflections
  • INSPIRING WOMEN / roundups or commentary on women in literature, film, or modern day
  • NEWSY commentary

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