Verily is a fashion and lifestyle site that celebrates the best of who you are. We feature fashion that is worthy of the woman, relationship articles that go beyond sex tips, and strong cultural and lifestyle journalism. Verily is the modern woman’s go-to guide on how to lead a fulfilling, integrated life. Verily loves to start conversations, and we need you to join!

We are currently accepting:
  • Pitches or submissions for single online articles
  • Art/photography submissions

  • Submissions that reference particular photos, products, or styles should include the photos, along with citation of the photo (either the original hyperlink or the photographer/designer to whom we should credit).
  • Art/photography submissions should include a link to the artists portfolio or previous work.
  • Accepted submissions will be edited. Minor grammatical and minor content changes will be made directly by the editorial staff. More significant changes and suggestions will be sent to you for your thoughts and/or approval.

    • Maintain a conversational tone that is thoughtful and respectful of diverse backgrounds.
    • Positive arguments advancing a position are preferred over putting down another viewpoint.
    • Support anecdotes and opinions with research or third-party data points.
    • We prefer to arrive at conclusions with utmost humility, avoiding “preachiness” and always leaving readers feeling welcomed to include their voice/perspective.
We are always looking for photographers and illustrators who are willing to let us feature their existing work (with credit) alongside our articles. We are also interested in finding artists and photographers who are available for commissions for specific articles.

Please tell us a little bit about yourself and send us a link to your online portfolio in your covering letter, so that we can see if we'll be a good match for your style. If you have a particular article or section in mind for your work, you can also mention this in your covering letter.
Ends on December 31, 2017
We are looking for beauty submissions including:
  • Personal reflections on personal beauty, body image, and overcoming negative beliefs or stereotypes
  • Hair and makeup tutorials
  • Videos and/or photo and written instructions
  • Roundups of beauty trends, such as seasonal nail-polish colors
Ends on December 31, 2017
Style showcases current fashion trends – from street style to runway – for truly inspirational, wearable looks that complement women and enhance their dignity rather than compromise it.

We are seeking submissions in the following areas. For examples in each category, we invite you to browse our website. 
  • How to style trends 
  • How to dress for your body type
  • Coverage of socially conscious brands
  • DIY projects
Ends on December 31, 2017
Culture provides distinctive essays on popular culture (TV shows, movies, music, books), broader media commentary, and issues of importance to women.

Cultural Commentary: 
Thoughtful personal reflections and op-eds, either with newsy hooks or timeless insight. 1000-1300 words.
Pop Culture Content: Articles that draw a cultural comment drawing from a current TV show, film, book, or song/album. 1000-1300 words.
Newsy Commentary: Commentary on one of the topics below within 12 hours of breaking / trending news on the topic. (500-750 words)
Contributions to our Weekly "While You Were Out" Roundup: Short notes on news of the week in 100-300 words. To be considered for publication each Friday, these must be submitted by Wednesday midday / Thursday morning at the latest. 

Topic areas that are of perennial interest to us:
  • ENTERTAINMENT / ARTS: Books, Music, TV & Film
  • WOMEN IN THE WORKPLACE: reporting, roundups, profiles (pitch before writing)
  • SEXUAL / REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH: reporting and/or personal reflection on topics including fertility, hookup culture, sexual assault, infidelity 
  • MOTHERHOOD / personal reflections, commentary
  • MENTAL HEALTH / reporting and/or personal reflections
  • TIME AND BANDWIDTH MANAGEMENT / Work-Life Balance / reporting, personal reflections
  • INSPIRING WOMEN / roundups or commentary on women in literature, film, or modern day
  • NEWSY commentary

Ends on December 31, 2017
Lifestyle offers fun, thoughtful articles to inform and inspire the woman who desires to set her own agenda for personal success without shunning her uniquely feminine gifts in order to get there.

Lifestyle content includes:
  • Food, Drink, Entertaining & Decorating
  • DIY and Simple how-to’s
  • Health & Fitness: Women’s health issues, Research, Workout routines for the busy woman
  • Life Hacks: Finance, Career advice, Travel tips, Helpful product round-ups
Ends on December 31, 2017
Relationships combines empirical research, real stories, and a best-friend mentality for a holistic and positive vision of relationships that women can aspire to.

We are always looking for short commentary on recent news or data regarding relationships. We regularly publish articles on:
  • Communication between the sexes
  • Dating 
  • The single-woman experience
  • Building strong marriages
  • Interviews with couples and their experiences 
  • Perspectives from men (our “Gentlemen Speak” series)